As a frequent mobile user, you have probably received random messages from varying, unknown numbers containing promotion of a business’ products or services. To be more specific, the content of spam messages may vary from attractive product offers, free SMS packages, while most tend to just sway people into giving out their personal information to extort money from naive victims. We know that these are spam messages but a large number of people are still vulnerable to fall victim into these kinds of uncalled-for practices. The market is saturated with different devices from mobile companies in Malaysia. With this comes a large number of other dangers from spam messages – one click to a dubious link can make your phone open to sorts of virus. So what do we do to stop unwarranted messages and ultimately avoid being scammed?

Do not believe in offers or click any links

If you ever receive a suspicious message, do not ever acknowledge or respond to it. They might tempt you to join in a competition to win special prizes or offer you discounts but once you’ve gone and accepted their offer, you’ll realize that you’re already been scammed or your phone and SIM card have been attacked by a malware. Bogus messages may invite you to purchase or subscribe to their free SMS services. Some scammers have become proficient in attracting more victims that they tend to send out believable deals. More often than not, these tend to ask a person of his or her personal data or worse your bank details. From here on, you must realize that this transaction is not reliable.

Block Spam messages

Dealing with free sms can be real draining, especially if these messages are just the same scam tactics that you receive over and over again. Block these numbers that keep sending you dubious messages. Mobile companies have limited control over these kinds of situation but there are a lot of ways to block a number and keep them off your messages – either you ask assistance from your local telcos in Malaysia or have it blocked with your phone’s features.

Only subscribe to your trusted mobile service provider

In looking for real free SMS package from your favourite service providers, verify the authenticity of the offer through your mobile operators. Try checking into their official pages or forums where most customers like yourself are directing their queries. Getting a mobile recharge or buying prepaid cards is sometimes bundled with free SMS and free calls; bear this in mind to avoid trouble from fake offers.

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