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Everyone must have heard of acronyms such as 3G, 4G or LTE by now, but does anyone truly understands what it means? Did you know that the letter “G’ actually stands for generation? Thus the bigger the number, the more current it is! Here are 3 interesting facts about 4G in Malaysia and what it can do to value-add to your busy urbanite lifestyle.

1. Upgrade your 4G to 4G LTE for faster performance

While most of us understand that a 4G speed outruns a 3G’s, it is rarely known that a 4G LTE connection is much more superior to a 4G. Short for Long Term Evolution, the 4G LTE is the succession technology of 4G, delivering the fastest mobile Internet experience. Be it downloading a new game, or streaming a video, these bandwidth hogging activities will be smooth and have been theoretically proven to be faster by up to 10 times when compared to 3G. However, LTE in Malaysia is not commonly known as it is relatively new, so do enquire about it with your preferred mobile operator!

2. More stable connectivity

With faster speed, comes stable connectivity as well. Nobody would appreciate a mobile web experience that loads fast but stops midway, especially when watching a movie. 4G in Malaysia taps on a packet-switching network that sends data across a much larger number of connected points so that if a reconnection needs to occur, there are many different paths that are ready to transmit information.

3. Use a phone that supports 4G in Malaysia

Consult with your preferred mobile company on a suitable phone model that supports the 4G LTE technology. Not all mobiles in Malaysia are equipped to support the technology, so always test out the phone by using the Internet on it before purchase!

XOX Mobile

We live in a fast-paced and highly connected society where smooth connection to the Internet on the go is necessary. As the leading telco in Malaysia, XOX Mobile is committed to provide you a superior mobile data experience whenever and wherever, and we are proud to announce that the launch of 4G LTE will happen soon next year, so keep your ears peeled for our announcements!